Our Patent No. 712,956 demonstrates that Norwalk Precast Molds pioneered the burial vault for the international cemetery and funeral industry. Our tongue and groove joint design is showcased in all of our lined or unlined top seal burial vault molds. Whether you are in need of a basic lawn crypt mold, ash urn, mausoleum or columbarium mold we can design and build the proper mold.


Automatic Top Seal

Automatic top seal molds are designed with a tongue and groove joint profile that combines the pressure of grave load with sealant for positive, automatic protection. Choose either our deluxe Type I or deluxe Type II covers and add texture for a unique look. Top seal molds for lined vaults allow for ease in casting plastic liners into any vault. The same molds can be used to cast unlined vaults as well when used with optional tongue and groove joint forming material.

Airseal Molds

Airseal dome molds come equipped with air release to speed up stripping time and increase production. To help provide the most flexible pricing possible, three dome styles are available including standard, deluxe Type I and deluxe Type II. The base molds are available with an inverted, upright or internal pour base.

Concrete Box Mold

Concrete box molds, or grave liners, are designed as an inexpensive replacement to non-permanent wood boxes. Concrete boxes offer economy-minded customers a more cost-effective solution.

Ash Urn Molds

Ash urn molds are available with a sealing or non-sealing joint profile. Choose either our standard or deluxe Type I covers and add texture for a unique look. These molds can be used to cast unlined or lined urns when used with optional tongue and groove joint forming material.

Ground Level Crypt Molds

Ideal where high groundwater is an issue or when surface burial is preferred, ground level crypt molds are offered with air strip or our patented Hydra-Strip® system. Choose either our flat, round or deluxe cover molds.

Louisiana Style Burial Vault Crypts

Louisiana style burial crypts are available in single or double depths. Choose either our standard, flat, semi-round or round covers. For easier stripping, add our Hydra-Strip® system to these molds.

Double Depth Burial Crypts

Conventional double depth crypt molds are an economical way to make the best use of land where grave space is limited. Available in three or four piece sets, with a choice of a box style, Type I or Type II cover mold. A mold for casting crypt divider slabs is included in each set. Drainage or ventilation openings can be added.

Monument Bases

Our monument base molds are available in a variety of sizes with optional blockouts or pins for mounting holes or vase holes. Custom or VA specification configurations available upon request.

Mausoleum Crypt Molds

Our mausoleum crypt molds offer versatility when your application requires a single, double or triple wide crypt section. Available as individual molds or, utilize our blockout conversion kit to pour all three configurations in one mold. Top and end closure slabs are available upon request.

Columbarium Molds

Highlighting the benefits of using our Hydra-Strip® system, for a quick and easy stripping process, are our columbarium molds. Standard sizes include 24 and 40 niche configurations and can be customized to fit VA requirements. Add our blockout conversion kit to pour multiple niche combinations in one mold.